The Pfaff 160S Sewing Machine

Features like adjustable stitch width, seven point feed dogs and a top loaded bobbin enhance your sewing experience. An integrated needle threader and snap- on presser feet save time, letting you focus on being creative.  With smart features and a unique design, the smarter by Pfaff sewing machines are up to the challenge of helping you express your individuality. Choose your favorite and it will become your must-have tool to showcase your personal style 
The integrated needle threader makes threading the needle a breeze. No frustration, just hold the thread, pull a lever and it’s done. 6mm adjustable stitch width, allows you to adjust the width of the stitches to t your needs. Great for top- stitching or other accurate stitching where the stitch position needs to be adjusted.

The led light ensures a long lasting light source. It lights the sewing surface with a bright and crisp light. 

The Pfaff original presser foot system gives you access to many optional presser feet letting you explore and evolve your sewing skills. 

The smarter by Pfaff machines are so stunning you’ll want them on display, but for transport and storage a hard cover is great to protect your new favourite purchase. 

Pfaff Smarter 160S Sewing Machine

  • Brand: Pfaff
  • Product Code: PSmarter160S
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  • £239.00

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